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My Biography

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. My father worked for the government so I lived in various places in Ontario:  Pagowa, Gore Bay, and Ottawa until my father quit his job, and moved us to northern Alberta. I was fifteen.  I studied Visual Arts at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. In school, I concentrated on conceptual art, sculpture,and photography. I have a strong interest in literature, which influenced both my figurative and conceptual practice. After I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, I spent years in Calgary working in the cultural community focusing on education and administration. I moved from Calgary Alberta in 2012 to Ottawa Ontario where I am building a body of work based on the Ottawa river. In 2017, I began new work based on leaves which have since morphed into abstract paintings.



B.ED University of Calgary in Secondary Art 2001

BFA Alberta College of Art and Design in Painting 2002

MFA University of Saskatchewan in Sculpture 1995



2017 The Green Door, Ottawa, Ontario


2015 Gallery 101 Fundraiser,  Ottawa, Ontario


2014  Growing Up Human Exhibition, RIA Project Room, Ottawa, Ontario


2013 Canadian Artists for the Poor, Calgary, Alberta


2012  Concept Artist for NFB Film Skin to Skin (Animation), 15 lb Pink Calgary, Alberta


2010 Digital Artist for 15lb Pound Pink Productions (Animation), Calgary, Alberta


2009  Compendium, Artist Collective Exhibition in a downtown storefront with Cat Schick, Tim Westbury and Cynthia Ward, Calgary, Alberta 





Calgary, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Bonnyville, Edmonton, Montreal, Lyon France.














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