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River Paintings




I started painting the Ottawa river in 2014. The river paintings precede the leaves and abstract paintings. I paint ninety five percent of these plein air. In 2014,  I brought a 4 inch square board from my home in the east end of the city. I sat down in front of the Prince of Wales Bridge brought out tubes of acrylic paint and began to record the scene.  I asked the river to show me how to find my unique voice and as French post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne has told us: "Nature if consulted gives us the means of obtaining the end". I gave up driving years ago so I decided to cover places near my current home in the west end. I found I was visiting Bates Island, Tunneys Pasture, Lemieux Island and the War Museum shoreline over and over again. I challenge myself at every visit to find a new way of seeing and painting the site.  If you check over the years you will find several versions of these locations. I paint in summer because the intensity of the light helps me see past the surface of the water. This work is on a very thin Mylar surface and must be framed.

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